NYC Freelance
Post-Production Handyman

Team Work

We will talk. Rythm, direction, special needs. We will send emails and text messages back and forth like singing birds in the jungle until the project is done. Can't promise we will meet but after working together, you'll be glad we kept in touch during the whole proces because the final result will reflect your wishes, your budget, and the best care from my part.

The Editing

Pretty straightforward. I will be working on low resolution files for the whole process of the "offline" editing. That'll keep the render times decent and and my disk space roomy. Also, it will be easy to send you versions and tries over the wire.

Once we're confident with the final results, i'll recapture every frame in high resolution, re-render the whole bloody ceasar, and export the master files.

Media Creation

  • Logo
  • Motion graphics / light animations / VFX
  • Photoshopping
  • 3D imagery
  • Titling
  • Custom transitions
  • Light color correction

They'll make your project shine and look like the real thing. And we gotta make sure, from the beginning of the collaboration, how much of them we want in.

Sound Design

Now that's where the magic You often don't notice it that much, and for a reason; the lessyou notice it, the stronger it is. I always say, you may have an impeccable image, if your sound is cheap, the whole thingwill feel cheap. But you may have so-so footage, if your sound track is strong, tight, subtle and clear, man, that'll drive the bus to the top.

  • Ambiance
  • FX
  • Narration
  • Mix / Master


Usually, i go for three versions included in the package. If, by way of catastrophe, after three revisions, you still aren't satisfied with the product, then we'll tip over to the addendum tea room. We'll sit down, relax, and fix our needs and desires on an appendix to the main bill.

I bring it up just to make sure. But it never actually happened.


Now it is time to either send that great work of ours straight into the world through the web, either drop it on to dvd for your clients. But in a way or another, you'll end up with a full resolution version file of the clip, a resized file, compressed for the web and anything else you may think of.

Got a project?

Available for hire.

Thank you so much.

It's been a pleasure to do business with you.

Hope we'll work together anytime soon!